Ms. Erika Peterson was the founder and heart of DASE House of Compassion. She opened our facility with the intentions of giving back and saving lives; her last years of good health were dedicated to this mission.

She was a sweet, strong, caring, and fun woman who loved the young men at DASE House as if each one of them were her own son. Over the years, she fought for so many of them to have fair treatment and the same opportunities as their peers. Her dedication to this group home, and her care for the residents and staff in it was admirable and will surely be missed.

Our residents have a few thoughts they’d like to share about Ms. Erika.

“Ms. Erika was an extremely welcoming person. She was like a second mom to me.” – 14 year old resident

“I didn’t know much about Ms. Erika, but I do know that she was a very strong woman.” -14 year old resident

Graduate and current residents also spoke at her funeral and shared how Ms. Erika impacted and saved their lives.