We’ve literally waited on this moment for years!4M9A3797

When you walk into our facility, you are greeted with friendly faces and a well put together living room. Next, you enter the kitchen that usually has something tasty baking that makes you want to stick around for snack time. Our guests feel right at home when they visit our facility, and we like it that way.

4M9A3792Our rec room is where our residents spend most of their time playing video games, conversing, and relaxing. Until now, the space has not been all that inviting. The lighting was dark and gloomy and the white walls didn’t make the environment feel comfortable or homey. You could tell the residents did not take much pride in the space and we honestly can’t blame them.
Thankfully, Mr. Sheldon decided to end this year with a bang and begin brainstorming ideas for a much needed remodel. The dull lighting was replaced with canned lights in the ceiling, the walls were torn down and rebuilt, and a nice shade of blue was added to make it feel more like a game room.

Our staff and residents are in love with the
remodel! We’ve already seen a change in their attitudes when spending their afternoons in the area, and they’ve even done a better job maintaining the area to ensure it stays clean and comfortable.

Our goal at DASE has always been for our residents feel right at home during their time here; we’re excited for past residents to see our progress and for our current ones to enjoy a much more pleasant recreation space!4M9A3789